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Starberger Group is recognized for established a proven track record of entering major cities and building events or revitalizing existing communities through our integrated influencers convention festival and entertainment districts that offer epic concerts, amazing social media tours, heart-stopping meet and greets, inspiring live podcasts, premier blockbuster movies, premier events and more.


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Starberger Group is a company that produces content for events, live podcasts, tours, conventions and festivals with social media stars and artists. Our shows are always for all ages, family-friendly events where fans can meet their idols in their own age from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Musical.ly (Tik Tok) and more. 



Starberger Group AB has entered into an agreement with the Stockholm Fair and Tourn, which will jointly launch the ICONFEST - Influencer Convention Festival. ICONFEST - The Influencer Convention Festival is the venue where influencers meet the fans to demonstrate the opportunities in collaborations between people and business. The digital change in society has given us influencers, the creators of modern media. Through engaging seminars and creative exposure areas, we show what influencers are important and their potential for impact on innovation and development in the future. ICONFEST AWARD - Through the voice of the people we reward the most creative influencers and fans in all social media. A voting process that will be transparent and reviewed by third parties.

"The ICONFEST festival will inspire both the public and the industry about how influencer marketing works."




“ICONFEST is Europe's first major influencer-festival”




“Sweden gets Europe's first influencer festival; ICONFEST - experiences and activities beyond the ordinary. It is a place where influencers, artists, and gamers gather under one roof for autograph signings, meetings, interviews, and performances”


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Starberger Group is a full range social media and entertainment company. For more than 20 years, Starberger Group has played a pivotal role in transforming the live entertainment industry. Through our network of venues, poweful event franchises, creative brands, beloved creators and fans, live podcast, tours and festivals, convention platforms and sponsorship activations, we deliver innovative experiences that give the world reason to cheer.







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